in Langebaan, South Africa
with Rob Claisse

Availability: 8th Nov 2023 - 26th Mar 2024

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Langebaan is one of the best kitefoiling locations in the world. And though Cape Town and the surround areas are know for strong wind and big air, there are actually a lot of days with moderate winds - perfect for kitefoiling!

Langebaan has flat water and consistent wind over 12 knots close to every day through the summer, so whatever you want to learn on a foil this is the place to do it and though I maybe biased, I think I’m the right guy to coach you!

Read on to check out the courses I have on offer and a few more details on myself and way in which I coach.

Kitefoil Coaching for All Levels

Private 1:1 coaching for beginners through to Advanced Foilers
Kitefoiler riding

Learn to Kitefoil


This is for existing kiteboarders who have yet to try kitefoiling or have started but are struggling to get up, ride and stay upwind.
You can use your own foil or I have an amazing beginner foil which is perfect for these first sessions. You’ll use all your own kites, wetsuit, harness etc. I have helmets and impact vests.

The overall aim is giving you understand of how to kitefoil, fix some of your fundamental mistakes and give you the confidence to start progressing on your own.

It’s impossible to predict how quickly any kiter will pick up kitefoiling. For some it clicks in one sessions, for others it can take several but rest assure I’m there to speed up that process. I'll ensuring you learn safely, stop any bad habits creeping in that will slow you down and ensure you have fun as you start this new chapter of your kiting journey.

Kitefoiler tacking

Improve your Kitefoiling

Intermediate / Advanced

This is for existing kitefoilers who can ride and stay upwind but wanted to improve their techniques or learn new tricks.
Ideally you have your own foil with you but if you don’t, give me shout and I have some options for foils you can rent as part of your session. You need need to have your own kites, wetsuit, harness etc.

We can cover alot in a 2 hour session, often a focus on 1 or 2 core tricks you want to improve but also tweak and fine tune alot of what you are already doing.

I'll look at your general stance and push you to ride faster and in control; we can look at first gybes and foot changes; Maybe getting the confidence to add downloops to your gybes (posibility the most benefitional kitefoiling skill!); Then we have the 360 and all the tacks - Heel to Toe, Toe to Heel. Push and Roll tacks. What about sitting down, ski stance. jumping (strapped or strapless) or even round the worlds!

Send me an email and lets chat about what I can do to make you a better kitefoiler

Sessions and Pricing

I have three main packages I offer for my 1:1 coaching sessions
Progression Session
£150 / €175 / $190

2 hour session

About 90 minutes on the water broken up with short breaks on the beach to review and debreif

BBtalkin headsets

Constant 2-way communication on and off the water

Personal Session Plan

After your have access to the Progression Coaching Platform with a personalised session plan. This lists your goals with specific action points, gives you write feedback and videos from the Progression Coaching Library, so you can refer back and remember what you need to focus on the next time you head out on the water.
Progression Session + Video
£200 / €175 / $190
Everything from the standard session

Filming your mistakes

In the second half of your session I’ll film you to capture your key mistakes ready for review

Video Review and Analysis (15-20 minute)

We’ll review the footage together, allowing you to see your mistakes, a crucial way of correcting them in future sessions. This allows for split screen comparisons with the right way of performing a technique taken from the extensive Progression Coaching Library.

If you are unable to come and review the footage in person - I can alternatively create you a short review video which you can download and watch in your own time.

5 day Private Clinic
£1200 / €1850 / $2500
This is your own private kitefoil camp with my 100% focus.

Morning Briefing

We meet every morning for a full briefing, where we review footage from the previous day.

Over the week we’ll go through all the core kitefoil tricks to give you a deeper understanding of how they work. Its also an opportunity for us to go through all your questions about kitefoiling - techniques, equipment and anything else that comes to mind!

On the Water

We’ll have a 2 hour 1:1 on-water coaching session with video filming

Priorised Session

I'll be looking to ensure you get on the water at the best time of day for the wind and tides, so we can make the best progress possible. And I'm always flexible to fit around family or other parts of your trip.
Send me an email and lets chat about which course will work best for you
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Rob Claisse Kitefoil Coach

Why am I coaching in Langebaan?

Because it’s my favorite kitefoiling spot in the world - Langebaan! Flat water and wind everyday makes this place the perfect spot to learn to kitefoil or improve any trick that you can think of!

I’ve been coming to South Africa for 20 years and living in Langebaan for the last 3 and I just love this place. I never get bored of foiling here - every year I head back to the UK seeing a big jump forward in my level and finally I can help you all do the same.

Why trust me to coach you?

I’ve been kiteboarding for over 20 years, kitefoiling for nearly 6 and teaching kiting in one form or another for nearly 20 years. I created the Progression series of instruction DVDs, the app and streaming service, that has help over 200,000 people to learn and improve their kiteboarding, kitesurfing and kitefoiling.

In the last few years, along with coaching partner Danny Morrice, we’ve run kitefoiling camps around the world; I’ve co-authored the British Kitesports Associations Kitefoiling syllabus; and more recently become the RYA British Youth Sailing Pathway Coach for Kitefoil (basically training up the youth squad on their way to the Olympics).

I love foiling, I love working out to teach it to others and ultimately want to ensure everyone gets the most out of their time on the water.

Any Questions? Get in touch and let's have a chat about your foiling journey...